Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review: Glass

Glass is the second installment in the Crank series and it follows the life of the now full blown addict Kristina a.k.a Bree. Kristina's life has more than spiraled out of control, she has no connection with her son Hunter (she eventually gave custody to her parents), ruined the relationship with her family especially her mother. She's gone from petty peddler to mid-level dealer, was homeless to living with her dealer and taking care of his kids. This is a scary look at how drug addiction consumes a person, it's all they live for and disregard everything else around them. 
A well written cautionary tale.

Glass: 681 pages (Book 2 in the Crank trilogy)
Pub. Date: 2007
Audience: Young Adult
★★★★  Really liked it

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