Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Microterrors

Microterrors by Charles 'Tony' Hart, MBBS, BSc, PhD, FRCPCH, FRCPath is one of the world's leading experts on medical microbiology.
The hidden dangers surrounding us.Despite the confident strides of modern science, the threat of deadly unseen organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi still grip the imagination with their ferocious intensity. For instance, resistant strains of bacteria can now survive the strongest antibiotics and deadly new biological weapons are being cooked up in laboratories worldwide.

Microterrors explores these threats as well as humanity's greatest living rivals that have been on the planet far longer than we have. The introduction covers terms, definitions and a brief natural history, including the role of viruses in human evolution, as well as bioengineering and biological weapons. Microterrors then presents the truly terrifying rogues' gallery of invisible killers. Image and summary courtesy of B&
This is a well compiled visual catalog of viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to us in our daily lives. Microterrors are everywhere, in the air, water, soil, the things we eat, touch. EVERYWHERE!!!!! Whether you are a science buff or not you'll appreciate this book. It's a great coffee table piece.
Microterrors is divided into two sections: Viruses and Bacteria. Included in the introduction is an how to guide to aide in understaning the layout and icons accompanying each microorganism. For each there is a quick reference guide states origin, first identified, transmission, portals of entry and incubation period. Also included is a brief description, clinical feature, treatment and prevention. 
The pseudo-colored images are well done and beautiful. Microterrors are indeed beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Rating: ★★★★★Awesome!!!!!
Publisher: Firefly Books
Pages: 192
Pub. Date: 2004

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Princess in the Spotlight

Being a teenage girl with divorced parents is hard enough without discovering you're the heir apparent to a small European country, that you must have a bodyguard tailing you at all times, and that your paternal grandmother is determined to turn you into a proper princess. Mia Thermopolis faces all that and more during her year as a high school freshman, and she shares the trials and tribulations of her hilarious life inThe Princess Diaries. B&N review.

This was a very cute book. It was an easy read and at times I found myself actually wanting to know what will happen next. Mia is an awkward freshman, trying to stay sane and navigate her high school and by the way she's a princess too. I can't remember if I ever watched the 'Princess Diaries' and am not sure if there are anymore movies based on this series.
Great to read if you're looking for something light and fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Book Haul

Spider Bones $5.99 @ Target. I'm a huge fan of Kathy and Bones which aires on FOX. The Alienist $0.99 @ the Salvation Army, ket words serial killer, turn of the century and profiling ( pre criminal minds). Need I say more, will be a good read.

 Both $1 each @ Ollies Bargain Outlet.

Traitor $0.25 @ Ollies and Light Before Day $1.12 @ Barnes and Noble.

 All $1 each except Gob's Grief $0.25 @ Ollies

 $0.25 @ Ollies