About Me

I am a PhD biomedical scientist who has made the huge (and not popular) leap from academia to an ‘alternative career’ (a non-profit scientific organization). Now I get to advocate for scientific advancement and education. I started my humble blog in 2010 and thoroughly enjoy sharing the things I like, well love with everyone.  I love makeup and recently have started to pay more attention to my skin. My current obsessions are masks of all types and blush. My dream would be to take a Asian Skincare Tour especially South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (we can throw in some food too).
Eventually, I would love to join the cosmetics industry in Research and Development or be the Chief Scientific Officer at a major cosmetics company such as LVMH, Estee Lauder, L’OREAL/Lancome or Chanel (one can dream). I would love to be a part of a smaller company too. I would also like to develop a niche skincare line using European and Asian techniques.

We travel many different/alternate roads in life to get to our final destinations, sometimes we have to take a few detours.

I am also the Creator/Founder/Editor-in-Chief of two other blogs that I update once in awhile Beauty and the Scientist and Striving to be…
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