Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who loves books?

Hello everyone, I love to read, I love books, the way they feel they look and smell. I love books just as much as how I love being a scientist.

I have a decent size library which is ever expanding (which I'll show in a future posts) just today I purchased a great deal: 5 from BN (Water for Elephants, Front Row: Anna Wintour What Lies Beneath, Clockwork Angel, Crank and Glass) and 47 from Ebay (mostly suspense, crime, Sci fi etc) and this haul I'm proud of because each book came out to about $1.13. I love to read and I must admit I am a bit of a collector but I do and intend to read everything I have eventually.

What do I like? True crime, medical/scientific mystery, suspense, thrillers. I read a few chic lit, historical, biographies too. This year I've decided to branch out a bit so I've decided to try a few of the popular YA books fantasy not the vampire stuff.

Do I buy books full price? 99.9% of the time no; I try never to buy anything over $10 but preferably $5 or less.

Hardback vs. paperback? Paperback, they are so much easier for me to carry (no dust jackets) and cheaper..mass market printing.. it's all the same words.

Physical Book vs E reader? Physical book where I can touch each page, I will not be getting and e reader (unless it's as a gift). What's the point if an electronic PDF version of a book which you'll never touch cost the same price?

If you happen to stumble on this blog welcome and make sure to bookmark me :)

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  1. Your blog looks great.

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    Ken Eason
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